If you found a recent news story regarding prostate cancer please share it with us so we can post it on this page.


-New study released by JAMA Internal Medicine " replacing carbohydrates and animal fat with vegetable fat may reduce the risk of all-cause mortality among men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer." ( more)

-AUA Issues New Prostate Cancer Guideline ( more)

-Localized prostate cancer survival outcomes better with radical prostatectomy than radiation therapy in large study ( more)
- Lifestyle Changes Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer ( more)

-Aggressive Prostate Cancers In Black Men May Be Missed During 'Active Surveillance' ( more)

-Xtandi™ (Enzalutamide) Authorised In The European Union (EU) For Advanced Prostate Cancer ( more)

-Increased Risk Of Prostate Cancer In Human Stem Cells Following Exposure To Low Doses Of BPA ( more)

-Discovery Of Source Of Tumor Growth In Aggressive Prostate Cancer ( more)

-Prostate Enzyme Enables Detection Of Metastases During Molecular Imaging ( more)

-Pomegranate, Green Tea, Turmeric And Broccoli May Help Fight Prostate Cancer ( more)

-Synthesis Of Small Molecule Could Have Big Impact On Prostate Cancer ( more)

-Genomic Analysis Lends Insight Into Prostate Cancer ( more)

The following are some statistics from our previous car shows and events:
-172 men participated in the screening in 2010
-24 men had a PSA at or above 2.5ng/ml
-13 men were identified as having abnormal exams
-Based on the men's AUA scores, PSA and or exam a total
of 74 men received a recommendation of further follow up
with their physician or a urologist.

-We have also learned of two men that were diagnosed
with prostate cancer as a result of 2009 screenings



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